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Dies ist eine Diskussion zum Thema Neustes zum CEP-Patch im FIFA 06 Forum, Teil der FIFA Classics Kategorie

: Huch, noch mehr Ligen! Hungary NB II Kelet: Vac, Szolnok, Jaszapati, Mako, Nyirseg, Soroksar, Bocs, Kazincbarcika, Kecskemet, Oroshaza, Baktaloranthaza, Vecses, ...

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Alt 05.09.2006, 22:02   #121
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Huch, noch mehr Ligen!

Hungary NB II Kelet: Vac, Szolnok, Jaszapati, Mako, Nyirseg, Soroksar, Bocs, Kazincbarcika, Kecskemet, Oroshaza, Baktaloranthaza, Vecses, Karcag, Budafok, ESMTK A + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
Hungary NB II Nyugat: Paks, Felcsut, Gymrot, Integral-DAC, Haladas, Barcs, Celldomolk, Bodajk-Siofok, Budakaslasz, Heviz, Balatonlelle, BKV Elore, Dunaujvaros, Mosonmagyaravor, Kaposvolgye, Ajka + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
Japan: Gamba Osaka, Kawasaki, Urawa, Shimizu, Kashima, Oita, Ichihara, Omiya, Yokohama, Iwata, FC Tokyo, Niigata, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Kofu, Kyoto, C-Osaka, Fukuoka + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
Switzerland Challenge: Bellinzona, Concordia Basel, FC Baulmes, FC Chiasso, FC La Chaux de Fonds, FC Locarno, FC Luzern, FC Sion, FC Wil, FC Winterthur, FC Wohlen, Lausanne Sports, Lugano AC, SC Kriens, Servette Geneva, SR Delemont, YF Juventus, FC Vaduz + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
Bulgary: Belasitsa Petrich, Botev Plovdiv, Chernomore Varna, CSKA Sofia, Levski Sofia, Litex Lovech, Lokomotiv Plovdiv, Lokomotiv Sofia, Marek Dupnitza, Nafteks Burgas, PFK Beroe, Prini 1922, Rodopa Smolian, Slavia Sofia, Spartak Varna, Vihren Sandanski + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
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Alt 06.09.2006, 06:24   #122
Weltmeister 2010
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User des Monats September 07 

Wie weit seit Ihr jetzt?
Ihr müsst doch fast fertig sein,oder?
Denn Samstag/Sonntag ist Release.
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Alt 06.09.2006, 06:24   #123
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Ich lad ihn mir eh nicht,aber interessieren tut's mich schon.
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Alt 06.09.2006, 06:25   #124
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Wenn wieder das Kits Addon mit aktuellen(!) Kits kommt,dann lad ich ihn mir vlt.
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Alt 07.09.2006, 05:53   #125
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Kits Addon erscheint wohl wieder kurz nach dem CEP.
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Alt 07.09.2006, 05:54   #126
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User des Monats Oktober 07 

So langsam sind die wohl fertig.
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Alt 07.09.2006, 09:41   #127
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Release: 15 September
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Alt 07.09.2006, 09:42   #128
Registriert seit: 11.06.2006
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CEP 2.0 Preview 3 - The rosters update
These are the last days before the CEP 2.0 release, as the work on new leagues and teams is 99% completed and the CEP team is starting to test the huge work done during these months: as always you can check the status of our work in the dedicated section of the site. This is the week of the last additions, the last graphical touches of class to pack everything and up it on the web.
This third preview of the final release of Career Expansion Patch for Fifa 2006 is about the rosters update that has been realized. I'm proud to announce that CEP 2.0 will feature the last and most precise update for the incoming season, not only with full relegations/promotions replacements (thanks to the number of new divisions too!) but with all the transfers happened until the last minut of transfer market: you will find the last-minute contract deal for lower divisions teams as well as the most important transfers realized during this summer, from Hartlepool to Real Madrid, from Necaxa to Goteborg, from Dundee United to Genoa: has been a great satisfaction to see that some transfers, for example, from Borussia Dortmund II (youth team of Dortmund) and Borussia Dortmund were possibile inside the CEP database as the youth team was already created, and so on with many new young stars that have been added to the database. The work of updating the rosters has been one more time the demonstration of how good and fruitful can be the team work: I've been able to work days and days on contributions from all over the world that make possible for you to have the most accurate and precise update to the fifa rosters, as always the active partecipation of many did possible to give you a top-quality product.
This work on rosters has been completed with a more precise and proper redistribution of starting lineups too: has been strange noticing how EA put in the original game some defenders at the centre of the attack of some FL TWO teams for example, or how the best players of a team have been relegated to the bench: CEP 2.0 will feature a more rational and realistic system of line-ups so that during your career you will play against teams at the top of their official team. So, the leagues that you will find COMPLETELY updated (this means ALL the transfers, not only the most famous market movements), are:
  1. French Ligue 1
  2. French Ligue 2
  3. English Premiership
  4. English Championship
  5. English League One
  6. English League Two
  7. Scotland Premier League
  8. Netherlands Eredivisie
  9. Netherlands Jupiler League
  10. Spanish Primera Division
  11. Spanish Segunda Division
  12. Italian Serie A
  13. Italian Serie B
  14. Italian Serie C1A and C1B
  15. Swedish Allsvenskan
  16. German Bundesliga 1
  17. German Bundesliga 2
  18. Denmark Superligaen
  19. Argentina Primera Division
  20. Belgium Jupiler League
  21. Austria Bundesliga
  22. Mexican Primera Division
  23. Mexican Primera A
  24. Norway Tippeligaen
  25. Portugal Bet and Win League
  26. Switzerland Super League
  27. Switzerland Challenge League
While all the new leagues that CEP 2.0 will perform will be already updated. All this huge work on updating the rosters from all the world will not be only a great improvement for the fifa 2006 final CEP version, but the core of the fifa 2007 CEP version that will perform extra-correct and updated teams, fixing the errors that we often find inside the starting rosters in the original game (we're all awaiting the demo that will unveil some details to start the work..).
You will discover how intense and wide has been our work on rosters directly playing with the CEP as we prefer facts instead of words. Can't wait for the new CEP release that will transform radicallly your soccer gaming experience? Release date is question of days, in the meanwhile you can wait for CEP Preview 4 that will discover new leagues, teams and tournaments added for the next CEP release.
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Alt 07.09.2006, 14:26   #129
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weniger als erwartet aber trotzdem super!
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Alt 07.09.2006, 19:34   #130
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It´s Nationalteam Time!

New Asian teams: Hong Kong, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Jordania, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, UAE, Yemen, Vietnam, Thailand + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)

New African teams: Benin, Botsawana, Chad, Congo, Gabon, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mali, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Equatorial Guinea, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gambia, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius, Niger, Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Swaziland, Burundi, Central Africa + graphical elements (logos, kits, banners)
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