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FIFA 4 Fans & FIFA 4 Life presents:


With the Demo Expander for the FIFA 14 Demo by FIFA 4 FANS can you easily configure the importants settings. This settings will automatically read by the Demo, so that you do not need to configure it after every start.
Furthermore you have the possbility to edit the half time length between 2 minutes and 10 minutes and to skip the annoying intro.
In the next days come maybe some more options like the game speed or camera settings.

How To

  • Configure your favorite settings with the form below
  • Click on "Generate & Download"
  • Save the "cl.ini" in the install directory of the Demo under "FIFA 14 Demo\Game", for example under "C:\Program Files\Origin Games\FIFA 14 Demo\Game"
  • Play the Demo and have fun!

Your Settings

Half Time length  Minutes
Generate & Download
Details about collection of usage statistics
For software improvements and the creation of statistics your chosen settings are saved anonymously on our server when clicking on the "Generate & Download" button to generate your favored FIFA 14 Demo configuration. We cannot (not to any time) create a reference between your person and the use of the FIFA 14 Demo Expanders.

Last update: 11.09.2013

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