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: Hello guys, first of all sorry for don't speak deustch. I'm looking for europeans and I decide to try with ...

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Hello guys, first of all sorry for don't speak deustch. I'm looking for europeans and I decide to try with this deustch forum :P

I'm a big fan of FIFA but most of friends had the other version (PS3) or don’t have console/game because can't afford it and couldn't play with 'em. Looking for a way to play with 'em I found this game: Fifa 2 online. Is very similar to Fifa 13 with the features of an online game (events, FREE TO PLAY. patch weekly…)

Few people know it and I only play with my friends, so I decide create a forum for Europe players…the point is make a big comunity with another Europeans for enjoy it together celebrating tournaments and matches. I played it and didn’t see huge change with fifa 13 on Xbox360…even you can use a USB controller Xbox360 and play it.

This is the OFICIAL WEBSITE of the game: EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 2 . As you can see is a big company: IAHGAMES, owner of some online games : IAHGames

I create a forum for europeans: Fifa 2 Online Fansite
I also have promotional codes to give you to new players a starter pack…the only think you must do is post here: Rockie Pack Giveaway!
This is the post for starters(install, request, links): First Steps

And I uploaded some video on Youtube: Fifa2online Teirusu vs Sceolan (1/3) - YouTube

I think could be very funny if we get people to play with.
Thanks for reading and see ya!
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