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: "Absolutely true." "How do you not stop?" "Do not walk on the call out loudly ... ... over, over, this ...

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Standard "Stop? Public places, so many people, how to stop?"

"Absolutely true."

"How do you not stop?"

"Do not walk on the call out loudly ... ... over, over, this is over, to trouble, to a major event." Ai can has a radical, actually burst into tears: "I had been feeling, especially Yan

Yan, come so frequently these days, see what people said. Blame me, blame me, blame me not long acting. How this can be done, how this can be done now? "

Zhongguo Ren said: "You see you, crying, not with you, and now the problem is not anxious sad, but should remain calm, think of other methods. Scrapped sitting at home can not solve the problem."

"Anyway, I am firmly opposed to Yan Yan Jia Huai when the interaction with this. No, I can call lotus, out of such a big thing, how have told her otherwise, will blame them, my aunt to do

Mother escape the blame. Alas, alas, Yan Yan these children really do not listen, how can this really is not sensible, next to, must be good to talk about her, the old foundation Jia exposing one overturned, really, really

... "At this time, telephone dial,
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and then the liberation of the Wu. Who can be a fervent tone Ai said:" The lotus can be ... ... so the phone can be lotus. "

So for a while, he can answer the phone lotus.

"Lotus can do?"


"I tell you, there's something you get excited listening to, that is, ah, that is, Yan Yan recently in love, and liberate you know?"

"Love? Whom fall in love?"

"You see how when you are the mother, the daughter of the situation that do not have."

"How, she told you?"

"She told me how likely it is to the park today Guoren unexpected discovery."

"Surprised to discover,
nfl jerseys chinafind out what?"

"Remember the last time that tell you when Jia Huai, is that Jia Jia care what other people's son? Right, is that college students donate blood to Yan Yan?"

"I remember Yeah, how?"

"How, Yan Yan is with this kid in the park secretly dating."


"Hey, Hey, do you hear, when Jia Huai, is pregnant with the Jia when is the last time I told you that the rogue country's son, do you not understand my words?"

"... Oh, how could this be ... ah ..."

"I can tell you, lotus, this thing you have to pipe in any case, while not a written character now too late to do the work, if left unchecked, they really stick together, the future was not good enough to pack."

Silent a moment, he may Lin asked: "Then how do you say?"

"How to do, and quickly called home to Yan Yan, Jia you and the liberation of the scandal all to her, patiently doing the work to stop them from contacts."

"However, she does not listen to discourage how to do?"

"Do not listen, how can we not hear,

authentic nfl jerseysare good for her. Anyway, this thing you talk a good talk and liberation, this continues to go wrong sooner or later. Think about those people who want to and mingled together, covered in goose bumps

. "

"Yan Yan did not advance to the provincial capital today to call you?"

"Call? Mind there is still called, long ago forgotten to go to the back of the head. By the way, did not advance over the phone last week, estimated the afternoon will come."

"This child, how that really makes people worry about. Good talk you met her, in peacetime or listen to you."

"This girl seems really fascinated, I am afraid I would not listen to the words. Listen to Ye Hao, listen worth mentioning, anyway, I have this to say a few ugly words, so adults, and a little naive. "

"Yes ah, help me good Tell me, I let her come back next week, the same talk."

"However, your daughter, others just knock sidelines. Aunt is my aunt, said the girl more than happy, this is something to offend people."

"Have to say that Yan Yan grew up watching you,
wholesale nfl jerseys or sensible, patient and convince you to convince her it."

"OK, ah, let it make a return to the wicked, Who is my aunt does."

When he finished, he can hang up Ai. Listen over the phone sounds like a very calm, he may feel incredibly Ai. Put down the phone, she said to herself: "What Well, do not listen to sound like a little anxious,

His daughter so, and also when nothing like that if my daughter, not non-anxious crazy, I really do not know to what Lotus had in mind, really. "

After lunch, Yan Wu has turned to the phone. Ai can not have been pleased, and asked: "Where is it?" Yan Wu once said: "In the city, and friends." Ai has to ask: "what time it?
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