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Hallo Leute,
ich schreib hier auf Englisch, mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut - ihr könnt auf Deutsch antworten - ich verstehe besser als schreibe! ;-) Vielen Dank für Eure Hilfe!

Dear all,
why is it that all my opponents in seasons simply rush towards me and successfully take the ball away? I know you can change the custom settings to high pressure and even create strategies of your own. I did that, but it never seems to have an effect in my game. When I press R1 (PS4), my team player runs (not 'rushes' like my opponents seem to manage to) towards the opposing player, but never seems to take the ball away (he just goes 'in there' and contains) whereas my opponents seem to be able to do that 100% of the time - just rush in and take the ball. What am I missing - do I have to press a different button to activate high pressure defence - maybe R1 is not the way? I have tried high pressure, custom settings (100% aggression etc), but it never seems to work in game; I'm just sick of my opponents getting the ball all the time while I'm constantly trailing. I played against PSG yesterday and Ibrahimovic was unstoppable _ I just couldn't get the ball away from him; so I thought I'd give PSG a go and my Ibra was as tame as a lamb - I must be doing something wrong - could someone tell me what?
Thanks, John
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Fifa 14 defending: Hilfe - wie geht das?
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